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Pico Macom: Agile Mini-Modulator

Pico Macom: Agile Mini-Modulator

  • The Pico Macom MPCM45 is a professional grade high-performance CATV mini-modulator.
  • This modulator accepts any audio-video baseband television signal and provides a 45dBmV minimum output on CATV channels 2 to 135 (54-806 MHz) while accommodating HRC and IRC offset frequencies.
  • 45dBmV minimum output for a 63dB in-band carrier to noise ratio provides superior picture quality
  • 135 Channel frequency range 54~860MHz (CATV 2~13! A1~A5, A~ZZZ, 89~135, UHF 14~69)
  • Agile microprocessor control enables quick digital push-button channel selection for ease of installation, configuration and improved system uptime
  • SAW (surface acoustic wave) filtered for superior adjacent channel performance enables drop-in channel expansion
  • BTC stereo compatible pre-emphasis disable switch provides pass-through for stereo signals
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